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Most people are taught when they owe a debt, they’ll get a phone call or two from a debt collector. Then, they’ll pay the debt and move on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way for people who can’t afford to pay their bills. Often, people accrue debt faster than they can pay it as a result of car repairs, emergency medical bills, and other unaffordable but unavoidable expenses. Debt collectors may target people who can’t afford to make a payment and harass them, sometimes for the purpose of training other representatives to use aggressive tactics to secure payment. Here’s how to identify creditor harassment and what to do next. 

Daily Phone Calls From Creditors

If a debt collector is harassing you, they may call daily or even more than once a day. They may continue to call you at telephone numbers you’ve requested to be removed from your file, or they may call and hang up on you. Often, debt collectors will also call at inappropriate hours.

Calls to Your Workplace or Relatives’ Homes 

Debt collectors cannot attempt to contact you at work or at a relative’s home if you’ve expressly asked them not to and provided alternative contact information. If they continue to call you at your place of employment or contact your relatives, this may be considered creditor harassment.

Verbal Threats 

If a creditor is not getting paid, they may become abusive or verbally threatening. Commonly, debt collectors will threaten to file a lawsuit or have you arrested and criminally charged in an attempt to bully you into making a payment, even when you tell them you can’t afford to. Or, they may scream, belittle you, or otherwise disparage you. Don’t forget that most of this is an act; few creditors truly have the authority to take that type of action against you.

What Bankruptcy Can Do to Help 

Creditor harassment is frustrating and humiliating. You might not feel like it will ever come to an end. Fortunately, if you’re facing overwhelming debt and abuse from one or more creditors, bankruptcy may be a viable option. At Sims Bankruptcy Law, PLLC, we understand how difficult it is to be faced with a mountain of bills that you can’t afford to pay. We’re committed to helping our clients find affordable financial solutions that make sense. Contact us today for a free consultation at (469) 751-7467. 


By : First Page Attorney | July 20, 2019 | Bankruptcy