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Bankruptcy Is Not The End

I am an experienced bankruptcy attorney that will keep you informed throughout the entire process. Bankruptcy is not the end, a discharge order has the potential to wipe your credit clean giving you the opportunity to rebuild and get your life back. I offer flexible payment options to get started. Once you hire me, the creditors can direct their calls to me. Medical bills, credit cards, pay day loans, repo deficiencies, apartment deficiencies, and bank loans are just a sample of the typical debts that can be discharged in a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 can help you stop car repossession, stop foreclosure, and pay off tax debt.

Property Liquidated in Chapter 7


When you file for bankruptcy protection, you must list all of your assets. Any assets that are not protected by exemptions, could be liquidated by the Chapter 7 trustee. In Texas, you may be able to use Texas or Federal exemptions. There are benefits to either and I will discuss with you which exemptions protect your property the best so that the trustee will not be liquidating anything. A common myth when filing for your fresh start is that you must give away all of your property including your home and car. That is not necessarily true. Most people will be able to keep their home and car in a 7. The fresh start does not mean you need to be wiped out and left on the street.

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