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Harassment By Creditors In Texas Can Be Devastating

Any significant debt is already stressful, frustrating, and heartbreaking.  It can seem like the cycle of debt and the race to stay just above water will go on forever.  At the same time, creditors who often take gaps in time to credit our accounts without immediate updates or corrections. Contrarily, they instantly call the day after a missed payment.  This contributes to an already difficult time.  Florida Bankruptcy may be able to stop creditors from harassing you.

Getting A Fresh Start With Bankruptcy

A Texas bankruptcy attorney can help you understand your rights under the bankruptcy laws.  Offering compassionate guidance, Sims Bankruptcy understands your unique situations and has assisted thousands of individuals in your position. A fresh start with bankruptcy can assist you in limiting the number of harassing calls and even discontinuing them.

Texas Laws That Protect You

Texas Federal Laws provide you with rights and protections from abusive collection practices. What is known as Fair Debt Collection Practices Act affords you rights that are designed to protect you from such harassment and precludes collectors from:

  • Contact you so frequently that it constitutes abuse
  • Contacting your place of employment or the threat to do so without your consent
  • Impersonating a government agent, agency or police
  • Calling you at specific unlawful hours for collection

Wage Garnishments

Credit Collection Agencies may try to collect a debt by filing for wage garnishment against you. Filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to these tactics along with incessant and harassing phone calls.

What Are Your Options

Filing for a Chapter 7 will allow you to obtain a stay automatically on most of the collectors attempting to collect a debt from you. It may last as long as a de months and will provide you with some relief of the everyday stress of your debt.

Get Assistance From Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys In Texas

Contact Sims Bankruptcy Law today to learn more about how we can help you. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

By : First Page Attorney | April 22, 2020 | Bankruptcy